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Personal information:


Nikolaj Taran


West London, England


1987-10-31 (33)


(UK) 07544931698
(LT) +370 600 07676



Nikolaj Taran

Personal profile:

I am enthusiastic, committed and reliable person who is willing to work overtime to meet tight project deadlines. By time creating system to avoid waste of production time in the future. I like to work in a team or as a team leader and show my own initiative in finding innovative solutions while learning new skills.

I was lucky to be involved in construction in many different work positions, that came to the aid of better understanding trade aparatus. After many years in construction I can tie togeter therotical, practical and bureaucratic mechanisms all togeter for smoother result. 

I am a qualified welder with a University-level degree in Engineering and six years of experience in civil engineering design. I continually work on improving my professional qualification by training for additional diplomas and certificates.

One of my professional life goals is an achievement of in-depth understanding of adjoint processes to optimize and develop time, safety and cost planning strategies.

Social skills:

Team management – 15+ years of expierence
Event organisation and maintenance – 10+ years of expierence
Stage management and maintenance – 10+ years of expierence

Technical skills:

Structural work on a construction site or in a work shop – 10+ years of expierence
Structural, architectural design – 10+ years of expierence
CAD 2D,3D or Pencil Drafting  – 14+ years of expierence
Work with drawing – 15+ years of expierence
Microsoft package – 15+ years of expierence

Labour skills:

Welding MIG/MAG, MMA – 5 years of expierence
Welding inspection – 4 years of expierence
Steel fitting or ensembling – 5 years of expierence

Personal skills:


Lithuanian – native

Russian – native

English – good

Polish  beginner

Work experience:

2021 February - now 

Site manager/on-site engineer 

Euro Standard Solution Ltd. UNIT5, KENNET RD DARTFORD DA1 4QN, UK  

 ESS Steel is a steel manufacture and erecting company with a years of experience in The City of London and its suburban areas. This company observes small individual house support frames for extension, steel lift shaft erections to steel erections ranging in the hundreds tons.

My current company helped me to learn about my role as sub-contractor. I worked on a variety of construction sites that differed in size, area and complexity.

I was involved in steel hip roof frame erections, floor extensions on existing roof slabs to residential building steel frame on existing columns, lift shafts etc.  

I took the role of on-site engineer-supervisor while erecting structures in the center part of the London area. I also worked in the industrial areas on the outskirts of the city. This variety of on-site experience granted me a great opportunity to be introduced to the to the multitude of on-site regulations, deeper building construction understanding and ethics.

I increased my understanding of the bureaucratical necessity to compose a plan of action and smooth transfer of that plan in practice; furthermore, deepening my practical skills in a leadership position. I found my own way of combining people together and methods of applying moral and mental support. The most important lesson I had the privilege to learn was the planning and preparation of a contiguous work scheme, that increases man-hour/productivity index without exhausting physically or mentally over long periods of work.

Nevertheless, I mastered electrode welding skills while participating in situ on the steel structure element, fixing or manufacturing. I tied, offload, sottered and navigate thousands tons of steel structures. I was involved in organizing meetings, setting time schedules for steel delivery, steel frame erection and building processes. I was setting the building to level, marking it on site or taking measurements for the future structure.      


2019 April - 2021 February 

Project manager assistant/site manager

MCBULL LTD, 115 Park St, Mayfair, London, W1K 7AP, United Kingdom

I had a great opportunity to work in a Pakistani capital company. This firm is well known in Pakistan as a leading contractor, with more than couple decades of experience in the construction field.

I gained a variety of experiences while working in the McBull LTD. As a result, I have been involved every stage of the construction process.

My first task was to establish a smooth connection between all designing bodies, to ensure that in the construction stage everything would go according to plan. I verify that all necessary documentation is combined, and prepared for the future work and sub-contractors, whilst also allocating time schedules.  

Next, my task was to prepare a virgin site for construction. I collected all underground utility maps and corresponded with the responsible services and discharging of conditions. A fence was built around the site with consideration of future traffic movement. Later, we undertook surveys such as topographical, PAS128, drainage cctv, soil, etc.  

While bureaucratical processes were ongoing I was also searching for sub-contractors such as piling, muck away, lift installers, steel manufactures and erectors, etc.     

My next responsibility was to set out future building on the topographical survey plans and transfer it out on the actual site. So, it would be possible to prepare the mat for the piling rig. At that moment I completely moved from the office to the site and took lead of all processes such as preparing points for the set-out engineer and managing pile drilling works.

Furthermore, the company made the decision to undertake ground works, so my responsibility was to plan foundation pouring, set levels and crop piles, order materials, build up shuttering, manage the steel fixing team and finally the pouring of concrete.

After the capping beam was finished, the formation of the future car parking basement begun. My task was to then establish correct levels and then, the smooth export of the muck from site. After all soil deposit was out, the drainage was laid, and raft was poured. At that point, all levels were clear, so I moved back to the office.

While the team were preparing shattering for basement walls, I then started to calculate quantalities and preparing schedules for steel decking and roof timber; my concern was to minimize redundant materials. When all the structure was planned and placed on order, I finalized quantities for plasterboards, heating system, floors, windows, etc.

In conclusion I want to say that I had unforgettable experience and I am glad to take part in this variety of construction related activities. It allowed me greater depth in my understanding of the full process.                                  

2018 August – 2019 Februrary

Free lancer field welder/fitter

Van Oord, Schaardijk Rotterdam The Netherlands

  • Mig/mag welding;
  • MMA welding;
  • Structural fitting, assembling, fixing;
  • Work in extreme conditions (Hight, on the water, weather conditions, hazardous metal welding etc.);
  • Long distance loaded van driving.

2018 February – 2018 August


Christiaens Group, Witveldweg 104-106, 5961ND Horst, The Netherlands 

  • Mig/mag welding;
  • Thin materials welding (pulse);
  • Work with turn machine;
  • Stainless steal welding (pulse);
  • Stainless steel fitting;
  • Structural fitting and welding.

2017 January – 2018 February

Shift supervisor (begin as Welder)

UAB ‘Mechanika‘, 1 Liejyklos street, Šiauliai, Lithuania,

  • Structure assembling;
  • Structure welding;
  • CNC machine operator and programmer;
  • Team and project management;
  • Metal preparation (cutting, drilling, banding etc.).

2012 March – 2017 January

Civil engineer (begin as Trainee)

UAB ‘PASTATU KONSTRUKCIJOS‘, 170 Tilžės street, Šiauliai, Lithuania, 

  • CAD 2d, 3d structural design;
  • Structural calculations;
  • Design inspection;
  • Building site inspection;
  • Trainee mentoring.

2013 March – 2014 July 


UAB ‘ELTIDA‘, 55 Kudirkos street, Joniškis, Lithuania,

  • Road system design;
  • Setting out of structures on topographical survey plans;
  • Project coordination and arrangement;

2009 March - 2012 March 

Superior designer (begin as Instalator) 

UAB ‘KOTESA‘, 80A Tilžės street, Šiauliai, Lithuania, 

  • Team and project manage;
  • Existing building measuring, floor plan recreation;
  • CCTV, IT, fire and security alarm system design;

2007 October - 2009 September 

Team leader (begin as Instalator) 

UAB ‘ROMBAS‘, 97 Vilniaus street, Šiauliai, Lithuania, 

  • CCTV, IT, fire and security alarm system installiation;
  • Team and work management.

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Hobbies and interests:

 2019 February – 2019 June

Fashion designer`s personal assistant

EDEY SAPPHIRE DESIGN STUDIO, United kingdom, London 

  • Event scheduling and organising;
  • Models audition and team management;
  • Arrangement of the workplace.

2015 October  - 2017 Septemper

Light Engineer 

CULTURAL CENTRAL OFFICE OF ŠIAULIAI Aušros al. 31, Šiauliai, Lithuania, 

  • Event lighting management;
  • Event lighting.

2008 October  - 2009 Septemper

Light Engineer 

NATIONAL DRAMA TEATHER OF ŠIAULIAI Tilžės g. 155, LT-76297 Šiauliai, Lithuania, 

  • Lighting system installation;
  • Spectacles lighting.

2012-2015 (in summer time)

Domestic house building for a friend

Exactly after university graduation friend of my asked me to help him with his private house project. Desicion was taken to build whole house almost alone.  


Commitee member of event organisation in ŠIAULIAI city

  • Staff management;
  • National event assistant;
  • Global festival assistant;
  • Stage work (stage, sound and lighting system installation, etc.);
  • Event organisation.


President of Sci fi and fantasy club 

  • Club represintation (press, convetions, etc.);
  • Staff management;
  • Local and national event organisation.

Between  2005-2010

Courses and seminars

  • Team building, maintance, etc. courses or seminars;
  • Leader qualities building, team leading, etc. courses or seminars;
  • Work and time plannig, organising, etc. courses or seminars.