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Short Work Biography

I am enthusiastic, committed and reliable person who is willing to work overtime to meet tight project deadlines. By time creating system to avoid waste of production time in the future. I like to work in a team or as a team leader and show my own initiative in finding innovative solutions while learning new skills.

While studying the Civil (Structural) Engineering program at the University, I also worked as a weak-current system installer and later became a designer at the same company. During this period, I also attended vocational school and obtained a diploma cum laude as a Draftsman and Computer Operator. After graduating from the University, I took a job in my acquired profession and worked in that position for six years. My responsibilities involved the architectural and structural design, coordinating with clients and representatives of municipalities and inspectorates, plot planning, and training of interns. I also continued to design and maintain weak-current systems. Having gained an in-depth knowledge of my profession, I decided to gain practical knowledge in metal fabrication and thus attended a welding school, which I graduated cum laude and gained valuable practical skills. I was then employed by a Swedish capital company, where my skills were quickly noticed and I was trained to do additional work as a CNC machine operator and programmer. After six months of intense labour, I was promoted and became the shift supervisor.

Holland. 2018 year of teachers. This year I connected many feet of different types of metals in various thickness, and acquired the mastery of dealing with welding in all kinds of dimensional positions. I worked on various surfaces such as mud, mobile platforms and floats. I have experience to create production in world renowned companies as well as private commissions and smaller scaled firms, I was involved in dam building project known as "Nederland's competition against the sea".

Finally, I took part in dozens of projects this year. Every new project was moderated by different supervisors, so I had chance to gain different styles of metal construction manufacturing and work etiquette in general.

The Myers-Briggs personality test qualifies me as a Teacher. I value rational thinking in work and personal life. I am quick to adapt in a team, pragmatic, punctual, and tend to set high expectations for myself and others. My personal motto – “Nothing comes from nothing”.